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Anyone for A Game Of Cribbage


The game of cribbage has been around since the early 1600s in one form or another. The game itself was invented by an English poet named Sir John Suckling as a modification to a game called noddy. Commonly you will see this game played with three or four players maybe even more, but it was originally envisioned as simply a two player game.

One distinctive feature of the game is the cribbage board, which is used for keeping score. These cribbage boards are sometimes passed down from generation to generation as in the case of a board that belong to a World War II submarine commander. This board is now passed on to the oldest submarine in the fleet as its predecessor is retired. It then becomes a fixture in the Ward room of that submarine until it is removed from the fleet.

So as you can see cribbage boards can be taken very personally and each board can reflect the personality of its owner. Below you will find a number of custom cribbage boards that in some instances are hand-painted. These boards are very attractive and will go a long way in showing people how much you truly enjoy the game.

You can also choose your favorite type of wood seeing as these boards can be carved out of redwood, maple or cedar with walnut and oak available at a nominal additional charge of $5.00. The only place that this is not true is with the Pheasant Cribbage Board, which is only available in Pine and Redwood due to the color rendition required for the pheasant.

Otherwise if you have a special image that you want to use? No problem just let us know! The image will need to be supplied to us as a.jpg file in as a high-resolution as you can attain. We will contact you once you place your order about sending this file.

Or maybe you have your own vision of what you would like to see on your cribbage board? Again no problem! Please go to www. and give us a brief description of what it is. We can put something together in short order and have it back to you within 48 hours for your approval, free of charge and we’ll even include 1 additional revision.

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