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10 Fathers Day Gift Ideas from a Macaroni Art Free Zone

Not that there’s anything wrong with macaroni art. 

In the US and the UK, Father’s Day is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday in June every year, although the observance of Father’s Day is also celebrated in many other countries around the world.  The modern holiday as we know it can be traced back to 1910, where in Spokane, Washington, Sonora Smart Dodd was able to establish the celebration in honor of her father, Civil War veteran William Jackson Smart.  (

Over the years people have honored dad at annual Fathers Day celebrations that included picnics, barbecue and formal sit-down Sunday dinners. In addition to food and family, dads over the years have also traditionally been treated to Fathers Day presents.  These Fathers Day gifts have assumed many forms, but perhaps none is as stereotypical as the Fathers Day tie and homemade Fathers Day gifts like hand print art, beaded key chains, homemade pottery and macaroni art projects.

We want to help you maintain a macaroni art free zone on Father’s Day this year!

Whether you are looking for a unique or personalized Fathers Day present for your dad, husband, son or son-in-law or you are a dad yourself and want to pass a few hints along to your wife, mom or daughter, Signs in Wood would like to suggest you choose something from among our top 10 Fathers Day gift ideas from a macaroni art free zone:

A man cave sign is a great Fathers Day gift idea
1. A wooden man cave sign is the ultimate Fathers Day present.
Dad waited patiently for years for kids to grow up and move out, craft and hobby phases to pass, and he spent years watching football out in the garage “on the little TV” on Monday nights while the rest of the family watched “Little House on the Prairie.”  Now it’s his turn!  Dad’s finally carved out some space in the house and set it up so he could watch football, basketball, baseball and other sports year-round “on the big TV” or play cards with the guys or simply lay down for an afternoon nap.  Show dad that you feel like he’s earned the right to a special space of his own and let owner and carved wood sign craftsman Tom Watson create a one-of-a-kind customized man cave sign for your dad.

2. A such-and-such parking only carved wood sign.
Is dad Norwegian? A golfer? A hunter? A Seahawks fan?  Order a carved wood Seahawks Fans Only Parking sign, Hunters Only Parking sign, Golfers Only Parking sign, Norwegians Only Parking sign or some other only parking sign, completely customized to one of dad’s favorite teams, sports, hobbies or heritage.

A cribbage board is a great Fathers Day present idea
3. A custom design or personalized cribbage board.
A wood cribbage board, carved to your specifications and decorated with dad’s favorite sports, recreation or enthusiast icon would make a great Father’s Day gift.  We can create a custom design featuring a graphic or personalized with his name, favorite saying, Bible verse — pretty much anything you can think of.  And as an added bonus, this is one more item your father could put on display in his man cave!

Wood welcome signs are great fathers day present ideas

4. A welcome sign.
Dad has worked hard over the years to keep a roof over everyone’s head. Why not honor him for all this hard work with a Fathers Day gift to be installed at the end of the driveway to welcome guests to his home in style.  Tom Watson of recently created just such a sign for another customer.  The sign can be shipped on its own or shipped along with a hardware kit and post so that it’s completely ready for you to install.

5. A personalized and customized “world’s greatest dad” carved wood sign.
While it might sound cliché, a sign with world’s greatest dad carved in wood, personalized with dad’s name and customized with a design that reflects one of his favorite sports, hobbies, teams or another emblem would mean a lot to your dad, husband, son or son-in-law.  Fathers day presents like a world’s greatest dad, world’s greatest son or world’s greatest husband carved wood sign are a great way to tell a man that he has done a wonderful job as a father, son or  husband.

6. A wood business card holder and business card stand.
This item is truly unique and something that a father would love to receive as a Fathers Day gift.  Made of beautiful, stained and polished wood, the business card holder not only holds business cards, but when fully opened doubles as a business card display stand.

This welcome sign with family name and house numbers is a great Fathers Day gift idea
7. A carved wood sign with house numbers and dad’s last name.
A man’s last name has always been important to him; a reference to his heritage and forefathers, so dad will be proud to hang a sign on or near the front door of the house that has the house numbers and his last name carved on wood.  We can customize any of our carved wood signs with nearly any color stain or paint that you want so that your carved wood sign with house numbers will look beautiful on your home!

8. A customized cutting board.
We can created carved wood cutting boards in the shape of states or nearly any type of custom emblem that would be special to dad (such as a shape that reflects his favorite sport or recreation). woodworker and artisan Tom Watson can also create a beautiful carved wood cutting board for decorative use only featuring the image of a beautiful Salmon, dad’s favorite football team, etc.


9. A customized key rack, tie rack or belt rack. 
If you have given dad a collection of Fathers Day ties, homemade key chains or belts, we can create a customized rack with hooks so dad can hang his Fathers Day gift collection in style!

10. A carved wood sign with family tree.
What more fitting Fathers Day present could you give dear old dad than to let us create a completely personalized carved wood sign for him that bears his family tree, complete with the names of his parents, grand parents and great grandparents as well as the family that he has begun to create. This would be an especially lovely gift for a new father or a son who has recently gotten married (or will soon be married).

Our carved wood signs and gifts can be customized in nearly any way you can imagine! If you are looking for a special gift for your dad, husband, son or son-in-law this father’s day, please consider one of the many options we can help you create, all of which can be customized with:

  • Your choice of stain or paint color (generally we recommend stain as this allows the beauty of the wood to show through and requires a shorter production time; painted signs may be more expensive than stained counterparts).
  • Your choice of font(s),
  • Your name (or the name of the gift recipient, family members, etc.), and
  • Almost any design, icon or emblem you can think of – both in terms of the outer shape of the object or for items which are carved onto the carved wood sign or gift.

In order to receive your Father’s Day gift for this year’s June 17, 2012 Father’s Day celebration, please place your order no later than May 26, 2012.  If this isn’t possible, and you still want to purchase a custom carved wood sign or gift from, do it! You can always give dad a Fathers Day present I.O.U. or it might be possible for us to provide you with a photo of the item (or a similar item) to include with your Fathers Day card.

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