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10 Solid Ways to Put Wood Signs to Work Inside Your Business

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This business uses a custom-designed, personalized carved wood sign to designate who is up for the next towing service call.

Sometime this week, try to take 30 minutes to “tour” the inside of your business’ building for the purpose of seeing the details that you’re usually too busy to see, or which you’ve simply become accustomed to.  I’m talking about things like walls that need repainting, trim that’s been scratched or damaged, areas missed by the cleaning staff (even if that’s you!) and other things that a person visiting your business for the first time, seeing your business with new eyes, might be seeing that you are overlooking.

In addition, look at all of the areas inside your business which have signage, displays, acrylic sign holders, plastic signs, wood signs, restroom signs, desktop signs, door plaques, wall plaques and awards, etc.  Is everything up to date?  Does anything need to be replaced?  At Signs in Wood ( that’s exactly ‘what we do!’

Think about the impression that the signage you have within your business sends to first time visitors, important vendors, manufacturers, city leaders or other guests.  The attention paid to these types of details affect the brand of your business – the perception that exists in the minds of people, each and every time they come into contact with you or your business.

Since harmony is in the details – details like choosing wood signs to direct traffic within your business, guide customers to important areas, celebrate and recognize your employees and even to display the mission and vision of your business. And when these details are in harmony through unified décor, wood signs and trim, etc., you are contributing to the visual brand identity of your business in a big way, even though they might seem like small details.

You can use detail pieces like wood signs, plaques, trim, desktop and door name plates, and other wood signs inside your business that will both help you grow your business and increase the likelihood that customers will want to identify themselves with you and the brand of your business.

Here are 10 solid ways you can put wooden signs to work inside your business:

1. Display a wood welcome sign inside your business.

Half of people surveyed in a recent* customer loyalty survey said that the moment of first impression was the most critical moment to establishing long term loyalty with a client.  Whoa!  Did you catch that?  It’s not your  customer service or the products or services you sell; rather, it is the customer’s first impression which carries the most weight when it comes to the long term relationship you want to develop with them.

Make sure that you are welcoming customers to your business and making a good first impression with a pine or cedar wood sign customized with your logo and business name.

2.  Use wood signs and wood arrows on the wall or on stands to direct the flow of traffic within your business, at special events, or to direct them to focal points, such as highlighting a special display, new products or another point to which you want to draw attention.

3.  Have the mission statement or the vision statement of your business carved not into stone, but onto wood.  Displaying your mission and vision to customers and employees is one way of telling them how serious you are about what you want for your business as well as the level of care you promise to provide to them.

A carved wood sign with the mission or vision statement of a business would also be a great gift for your spouse, boss or a friend who is opening a new business or passing an important business milestone, such as a business anniversary, grand opening of a new location or some other event.

4.  Placed carved wood signs on doors as customized high-end door plates with employee’s names, positions, or to designate special areas such as a wood door plate on the door of your conference room, meeting rooms, ballrooms, banquet rooms, staff break or lunch areas, etc.

These are the types of wood trim details that tell your customers and your employees that your business is here to stay, and that you care deeply about your employees and the appearance of your business.

5. Wood desk signs can be used throughout your business, and in all shapes and sizes. For instance, you can use wood desk signs as desk name plates with the titles and names of employees carved into them, or you can use larger wood desk signs to designate departments and resources such as a reception desk, information desk, customer service counter, etc.

6. Wood rest room  or bathroom signs are not only practical (and likely a legal necessity) but when you use carved wood signs to designate the flow of traffic within your business, indicate areas of special interest or which guide customers to important resources, you should also use wood restroom signs to keep the visual brand harmony you are building intact.

7. Use wooden signs to designate entrances, exits and emergency exits.  Just because you’re legally required to have certain signs within your business does not mean that they have to be ugly, plastic or ordinary!

8. Use wooden plaques and signs for employee recognition. Many businesses honor an employee of the month or post plaques on their walls to recognize employees for tenure of service or special accomplishments. If you don’t have an employee recognition program, this would be a great time (and a great way) to start one using carved wood plaques or wood name plates.

9. Use wood signs as customer appreciation or employee appreciation gifts.  You can create your own customized award in the form of a carved wood sign or plaque to give to customers for appreciation of their loyalty or when they reach a pinnacle level of relationship with your business. Likewise you can create branded signs or a carved wood sign with an inspirational quote or your business tagline to give to employees as an employee appreciation gift.  Carved wood signs or plaques for employees would be a great way for you to memorialize a special business anniversary (such as 10, 25, 50 or 100 years in business) or to thank employees for outstanding accomplishments.

10. Add custom designed wood signs to your retail for resale.  You can create your own design for wood signs to be resold in your business. Expand your retail with one of a kind carved wood signs that feature inspirational or humorous quotes or sayings or which speak to the special interests or hobbies of your patrons or with signs that feature your neighborhood or city name, etc.  Wood signs like these can help you transform your retail into more of a true gift center and give customers one more reason to come to your business.  (Look for more on this topic, coming soon!)

As you step back to look at your business and its interior, take note of any areas where you have handwritten signs (ugh!) or signs taped to desks, counters, windows or walls which could and should be replaced with beautiful carved wood signs, instead!  Use our ‘Request a Quote‘ form to get your personalized or custom wood sign project started today!

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